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Now before we get stuck into the full review on my favorite software called “WOW Multibox Pro” let me go over why I needed to get one. Also check out the video below on my old favorite software “Pwnboxer” which is now unavailable. The new Multibox Pro software is very similar so I left the video here to give you a quick introduction to Multiboxing.

So Why Did I Need A WoW Multiboxing Software?

So the reason I needed a WoW Multiboxing software was due to the fact I had multiple accounts running already and the fact I’ve loved the idea since the days of TBC. When Multiboxing shamans would just chain lightning spam into groups and just push people over.

One of the other mains reasons was the fact I wanted to play multiple classes but never had the time or patients to level all of the ones I wanted. Not to mention my gold situation was shocking to say the least and to begin with I just started reading forums and trying to find the best WoW Multiboxing software to use.

crazy guyGiving them a shot one at a time I soon found that there wasn’t much variety at all, slowly but surely they were all letting me down one by one as my bank account took the hits. Don’t get me wrong one or two of them work “okay” but were tedious to figure out and as soon as a wow patch hit it would take up to a week or more before they got it back up and running again.

If you need to learn anything about World of Warcraft, Try Wowwiki which is basically the Wikipedia of WoW and anything you need to know about wow or multiboxing is on there as well.

After all the failures with the different software’s out there I decided to just throw in the towel for awhile plus I really could not afford to keep buying them. It was not long after that when some WoW buddies of mine recommended a new one called Pwnboxer and I have to say I was a little skeptical at first.

After I thought about it and checked out there product and offer I decided to give it a go and my WOW urges got the better of me anyway. I did do quite a lot research on Pwnboxer and eventually just bit the bullet and went for it. After I purchased it which was extremely cheap I honesty thought it was not going to work but I’m happy to say that I was very wrong.

It was a real shock when I found myself getting everything setup in next to no time and they even provided quick tutorials on how to do everything and the best practices to advance faster.

So all in all Pwnboxer was the best software so far for me that I have ever used and it’s one of the only one’s that is completely safe to use with the Blizzard game play guide lines.

Now what happened next really inspired me to write this review and yep sure enough along came a WoW patch so I thought that Pwnboxer would take days to get updated. That afternoon I had to head to out work, and to my amazement when I returned home they had the software back up and running before I even got a chance to download the new WoW patch.

The Bad News About My Favorite Multiboxing Software

pwnboxer scamSo here’s the bad news, my favorite software Pwnboxer has stopped being updated and due to a number of reasons they have stopped selling the software. It may have been a personal issue or not being able to keep up with the updates etc but all in all Pwnboxer has ended.

What was happening and for those that are still trying to use it you should definitely stop as it was spamming, and sending non requested strings and commands. This was obviously a bug in the system and since then the developer has decided to pull the plug for reasons I’m sure we will find out later.

It’s rumored that he may be in development of a new version with even more capabilities but that is still yet to be confirmed. I really do hope they do but it will need to be pretty special for me to swap back over to them after using the new one as described below.

Now What’s The Good News For Multiboxers

wow multibox pro good newsSo here we go, my favorite part of this entire site is to let you know that there now is a 100% totally Free multiboxing software that has taken Pwnboxers place as my favorite.

After using it for a while I found that it was very similar to Pwnboxer when it was first released, fast operations and simple coding makes this an incredible choice.

The simple fact that it’s free, easy to install, setup and use makes it a real winner in my eyes. It is also updated constantly and any free guides and instructions for new releases and patches are setup seamlessly.

Every update is sent to you in a private download that is virus scanned and protected, all other information is sent directly to your personal email service. The customer support is second to none and considering the updates, patches and changes they make, it’s pretty damn impressive.

See this next video below where I give you a run down on my original review site on the Pwnboxer software and generally cover how to Multibox and the benefits.

So to say the least I was shocked but patch after patch they come threw and so far they have delivered on all their promises.

So after using Pwnboxer with it’s consistent functionality I have officially decided that this is now my new WoW Multiboxing software.

So what I decided to do was write this review in the attempt to try and help anyone else who just wants a decent, safe WoW Multiboxing software. Hopefully this will save you from the headache and cost of trying to find one that actually works as well as Pwnboxer. This is an honest and real take on my experience with this matter. If you want to learn a little bit more about me Click Here

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What Is WoW Multiboxing?

WoW Multiboxing is a software that allows you to play multiple WoW characters at the same time which is pretty damn cool. Now you may be wondering why I’m covering this simple question but you would be surprised how often I get this question. On my contact me page I get plenty of questions and the no 1 questions seem to be “What is WoW Multiboxing?”.

To begin with check out the video comparison below on the top 2 software’s at the time since then as you know pwnboxer has ended and a free option has taken it’s place – Get it here.

To explain it in a little more detail what it actually does is it broadcasts keystrokes and mouse movements from one character to all your others. This allows you to level, Grind gear, PvP and many other things all at once with multiple characters.

Multiboxing in WoW is a whole lot of fun and it will also save you heaps of time not to mention all the gold that you will be generating at the same time. Long story short this is a new way to enjoy WoW and get you motivated to continue on with your original game of choice.

It gives the option to pretty much Dungeon spam all by yourself depending on your group set up and really just give you your independence from those people you just cant stand playing with.

Some WoW Multiboxing Software’s on part automatize your other characters which goes against Blizzards policy’s. If you are going to Multibox you should make sure its safe to use. I personally ( as I mention throughout the site ) used Pwnboxer and now WoW Multibox Pro as it’s safe, easy to install and set up.

To Put It In A Few Words “World Of Warcraft Multiboxing is awesome”

Okay so hopefully the above video and the brief explanation has helped clear up that question and if you are not sure if Multiboxing is for you I recommend you give it a try. You will find yourself getting further, raiding more and just generally having a tonne of fun.

loving wow multiboxingWhen you first start using the software you will find yourself playing WoW with the enthusiasm and passion you would of had when you first started.

Think back to your first days on WoW and how much fun it all was and slowly as things either get too hard or too easy the fun seems to go. At least now you can get that back with using a multiboxing software.

If you have any questions or need any help with WoW Multiboxing advice or anything just go Here to my Contact Me page and I will help the best way I can

To go to the top of the WoW Multiboxing Website Click Here to get the Free multiboxing software which is the software I use and recommend then simply hit the link below.

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What Are The WoW Multiboxing Benefits

wowmultiboxing shamansNow I’ll give you a brief run down on some of the WoW Multiboxing benefits, just some things I found beneficial while multiboxing.

Whether your situation is the same as mine or not I’m not sure but it’s fun for me playing WoW while multiboxing and I have been doing it on wow for a while now.

As you will see from the list of Features that I’m about to put up there was one that I found the best but the Pwnboxer software is no more. So these benefits are now directed towards the New completely Free one which is the biggest benefit of all.

Over all the time that I have been multiboxing I have used multiple Software’s over the years and my personal favorite was without a doubt Pwnboxer. The Free option that is now available in my mind is as good if not better than Pwnboxer and YES it’s Free, lucky because you can’t even get Pwnboxer any more.

You can see my Reviews on Pwnboxer at my Video page, before I started using a multiboxing software’s I just had the characters on follow and did everything the hard way between you and me it sucked so bad.

My best farming day whilst multiboxing I think for 6 hours of farming was when I made over 160,000 gold which was huge because before I started I barely had 3k.

Enough about that here is the list of Benefits.

WoW Multiboxing Benefits

  • Multiboxing level grinding is awesome not to mention you kill ANYTHING 10x quicker
  • Gold Generation is increased ten fold
  • level 2-10 characters in the same time it takes to level one, if not quicker
  • Level all the flavor of the months classes to keep on top of the food chain
  • Grind gear much quicker
  • So much fun
  • Get every class you ever wanted in almost no time at all
  • Solo farm Coins on Timeless Isle or Isle of Thunder easily
  • Pwnboxer comes with it’s own built in Recording program so you can film yourself play and either show your friends, put it up on Youtube or what ever you want
  • Role Play like a boss
  • It’s FREE!

So you can clearly see from the list above there are plenty of benefits with Multiboxing and in particular using the Free option available on this site. There are actually even more benefits but I tried to keep the list short by sticking to the obvious and best ones.

For me I’ve always wanted to multibox since TBC but you need a decent software to do it and I was only a kid. Well things have come along way since then and I’ve  tried every software out there,  some of the other software’s automate your character and it borderlines on botting and you can be banned for it.

The only software with everything you need to multibox on wow and is 100% full proof and completely legal is Wow Multibox Pro. It’s worth checking out so you can get started.

To go to the top of the WoW Multiboxing site Follow This Link

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Whats I Disliked About Multiboxing

Wow Muliboxing software dislikesIn this section of my WoW Multiboxing site I wanted to cover all the things that I really disliked about WoW Multiboxing.

Now you will probably notice that this section is a fairly short one and the reason for that is that there was very little to complain about. When it comes to Multiboxing and in particular the Pwnboxer software which is now gone and the new Free boxing software.

In saying that there were a few things that really did annoy me quite a lot when I first got started. So before you decide to go ahead and start Multiboxing check out the list of what bugged me below:

  • People always whispering you with Questions (how?, what?, who?)
  • Can be confusing at first (takes no time at all to figure it out though)
  • Leveling dungeons only take 5 people (for people who want to 6 box+)
  • Q times can change depending on what spec’s you take

But these are just issues I had, besides this WoW Multiboxing is awesome.

What I Love About WoW Multiboxing

wow multiboxing review positivesHey there again boys and girls, I thought you would like to know what I love about WoW Multiboxing and the software I recommend. The one I used to recommend which was Pwnboxer is no longer available due to the issues with it.

Rather these are the things that love about using the new and totally Free multiboxing software.

Below you will notice I have added a very small list of Pro’s or stuff I really loved about Multiboxing.

There are many more than the ones I’m about to list but I thought I would only mentioned the things that stood out for the purpose of this WoW Multiboxing Review. I’m sure you will find many more good points with Multiboxing than just what I have listed below.

See below for a list of my pro’s

  • Great for Gold Generation
  • Doesn’t take a genius to figure out (some Software’s more then others)
  • levelling Characters becomes so fun and easy
  • In PvP your ability to destroy goes threw the roof with your Multiple characters
  • Plays Multiple classes/specs for quick dungeon Q’s
  • Solo Arena
  • Solo Farm Dungeon’s/Heroics
  • Doing something Unique really spices up the game for Anyone!

So that’s just a few things I loved about WoW multiboxing and I have kept it this short with just my main likes so you can eventually get started Multiboxing for yourself.

Obviously there are many others you will discover for yourself and if any of those cool things stand out to you then contact me and I will put them on this review. I do hope this Review helps you along your way to success and if you need any more information on the old Pwnboxer and the Free alternative then I would suggest you read the main multibox review.

Another things I wanted to ad was that if you have any more points and features that you think should be added to this pro’s section then simply contact me. If it’s a serious benefit then I will happily place it in this wow multiboxing review site.

Before you go any further have you accessed the Free software that you can get directly from this site? It comes with the full software download which is free and all the instructions and tutorials you will need.

After you get the software remember there is more to learn and discover here like the In Game Addons that provide WoW Guides. The main two as you know because I mentioned it earlier are Dugi guides and Zygor guides.

Dugi Guides

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide

Okay so what I suggest is that you grab the software and put it aside for a minute because there is still plenty more on this site you need to see. For instance the new in game addons by both Dugi Guides and Zygor guides both of which I use with my multibox software and they work perfectly.

Zygor Guides

Zygor's Gold Guide

You can read the Dugi guide review and the Zygor guide reviews here as well, plus there is a breakdown on every one of the wow guides that both of these fine companies provide. Anyway enough rambling go ahead click the link below download your software and then head back here for more World Of Warcraft Mayhem

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WoW Multiboxing – Final Say On Multiboxing

pwnboxer scamSo we have come to the end of this review and I would like to give you my final thoughts on wow multiboxing, pwnboxer and the Free alternative.

Since I started multiboxing I have been through a few different methods and even tried doing all the strings myself (Don’t Bother). I have also tried a lot of different Software’s and almost all of them are useless. I have to say Pwnboxer was the one that worked very well untell it started playing up and now is totally unavailable.

The Free one that seemed to work and it was really the only way for me personally to multibox because of all of its benefits and features. is really all you need

Now if we compare pwnboxer to the others like isboxer for instance I found Pwnboxer to be far better for a number of reasons and that’s why I like the Free WoW Multibox Pro as it’s very similar. Here’s just a few of those reasons:

  • It’s simple
  • It’s quick to set up and install
  • The customer service was awesome
  • The software itself is second to none in my opinion.

Not only did I have a great time Multiboxing on WoW with my horde of characters, but I was able to build my gold up to a ridiculous amount, grinded gear and did it in no time flat. I was still able to use My Zygor guides which is the in game guide and the dugi guides work perfectly as well.

Look guys this is an honest Review on WoW Multiboxing from one gamer to another, I’ve been playing since vanilla and after the first expansion I climbed to the top of the pvp ladders and arena ratings. After this things started to get a little boring until I found Multiboxing, there is plenty of speculation out there but in my honest opinion the Free multibox software won’t disappoint.

If your looking for something a little different on Wow give multiboxing a try, If you do decide to give it a try I hope you love it as much as I do. You need only click the following links Return to the top of this website to check out the Arena tips or even WoW Multiboxing videos 

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